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Sometimes known as “Shannie”

.. is known for her gently spirited healing-through-love practices. 

Sheryl Fatse About

Sheryl attributes her deep compassion for others wellbeing to her own waking-up to the power of vulnerability. She herself is a trauma survivor and now shares and teaches a somatic parts-work: a mind-body healing approach for self-discovery and healing.  As she has found her own ability to thrive, she invites clients to cultivate Maitri, which is unconditional friendship with oneself : guiding them to reconnect with their body and the desires of their heart, to set an intention or “sankalpa” reflecting what is deeply longed for, and to peel away and release blocks of what feels heavy or dutiful. As burden is released, Self energy shifts and flows, to amplify light and joy.

Sheryl Fatse About

About Sheryl Ann..

Sheryl attributes her deep compassion for others wellbeing to her own waking-up to the power of vulnerability.

She is is a Diversity Inclusive Integrative Somatic Parts-Work Coach,  certified through The Embody Lab who has trained at Kripalu, the Trauma Center of Boston, and the IFS institute.

After discovering  the power of integrative “bottom up” therapies she felt called to share her experiences and what she had learned with others. 

Her trainings and offerings encompass somatic coaching, trauma informed models of somatic parts-work (IFS), mindfulness, trauma yoga, special needs yoga, and animal assistance in therapies. She is also a Reiki intuitive healing master, and certified therapeutic Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® meditation guide.

Above all Sheryl considers herself a lifelong student of the healing arts.  Her passions include poetry, music, water and woods, animals and gardening and these imageries are woven into her offerings. She is an artist as well as a creative-solution finder who is known for her gentle, approachable demeanor.

Her passion and work in the mind-body healing realm spans over 15 years. Residing for over 30 years in Sandy Hook, Ct,  she currently coaches and teaches classes and workshops at wellness and spiritual retreat centers nearby.


  • IFS Insititute Circle Training, 2023-24
  • Somatic IFS, Parts-work Certified, The Embody Lab 2023
  • Mind-Body Coaching Certified, The Embody Lab 2023
  • Clinical Mental Health Masters Studies, University of New Haven  – 2022-23
  • Master Mindfulness Practitioner – Natura Holistic Training Institute, 2022.
  • Animal Assisted Therapy Certified -Jonathan Jordan, AATS , 2017 -18
  • TCTSY, Trauma Sensitive Yoga EP – Trauma Center Boston, 2016
  • USUI REIKI Mastership – Cathy Prins, 2016
  • Special Needs Yoga – Stretch What Matters®, CE, 2014
  • Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®, Certification – Kripalu, 2014
  • Lotus Gardens Yoga 200ECYT- 2013
  • Marriage and Family Counseling – Masters Studies, University of Bridgeport
  • Communication Arts, BA, Marist College

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